Update - August

It has been a while since I've updated you so I thought it is a good time to do so! Especially now I've come of social media entirely... I was suffering from a bit of TMI and needed to focus a bit more.

This month I'm going to Perth again for a couple of weeks to Strut - I'll be taking part in a workshop with Andrew Morrish and Humphrey Bower - http://strutdance.org.au/opportunities/master-workshops/andrew-morrish--humphrey-bower-aug-9--19 working on Language and Movement in performance. I'm very excited by this workshop, because it brings together new strains of my artistic pursuits and will develop new skills in improvisation and theatre that I can bring to my other developments.

(Andrew Morrish, photo by Tuva Nordeliusii - and I took this off the Ausdance website...)

(Andrew Morrish, photo by Tuva Nordeliusii - and I took this off the Ausdance website...)

Since my work for the Song Company "Out of the Deep" was premiered a couple of months ago, I've decided to skew my artistic direction less in the direction of 'dots on the page' and more towards devised working methods. The experiences I've had with Dean and other makers in the studio over the past couple of years have excited me. I think I'll always come back to writing dots to document a process, and make a work mountable in the future - however the process of creation for me wants to start in the studio, with performers and makers - so I can facilitate a creative process rather than dictate one. 

In tandem to this I've been developing my tech more with Ben Hinchley. A couple of weeks ago we started developing an app that uses live data feeds to trigger 'experiences'. We're calling these experiences "Dreams" - Data responsive experiential art media. We're in the startup phase of a new for-profit company that creates the consumer-side of this software... Although this interests me from a business perspective the premise is in the art itself - algorithmic composition. The app development team - Hyper - are excited by its prospects as it has application in creative arts, tourism and data representation for science and business. I, however, am excited by its compositional possibilities. Right now Ben and I are working on a piece that uses 10 audience members heart rates (live) to generate music - to be performed at the Arts Initiative Australia Sydney launch on August 26 (http://www.artsinitiativeaustralia.org/events/sydneylaunch)... and down the track I hope to be using live data feeds from local environments to create soundscapes to accompany works I develop. 

Anywho, I'm going to update the events section on my own site - http://www.andrewbattrawden.com.au/more-events/ with the stuff coming up in August - if you're in Perth I hope to see you at the showings of this workshop, if you're in Sydney, I hope to see you at the AIA launch!

Andrew Batt-Rawden

Performance artist and composer. I have a background in music composition, festival direction, media publishing, some uni teaching here and there as well as performance art. I make websites for various projects that I'm involved with.