Support Material

In support of Flœk’s application to develop Proxima

On this page you will find;

1) Artistic Support Material

  • Andrew Batt-Rawden - Audio

  • Mark Oliveiro - Audio

  • Ben Hinchley - Audio

  • Dean Walsh - Video

  • Flœk - Video

  • Andrew Batt-Rawden - Video

2) Artist Biographies PDF download

3) Support Letters PDF download


Andrew Batt-Rawden - Audio

Ensemble Q’s 2018 performance of “29” (live recording) originally written for the Australian Composition Seminar in 2016 co-presented by Richard Gill and Karen Carey and performed by the Acacia Quartet.

Mark Oliveiro - Audio

Full performance of Mark Oliveiro’s “Tartarian Psalms”, E-Remix for live instrument(s) and computer media (audio/visual.) Featuring Zane Banks (e-guitar) and Luke Spicer (e-violin). Score viewable here:

Ben Hinchley - Audio

An experimental track taking recordings from city-scapes and transforming them into a short work.

Dean Walsh - Video

A recent work (2018) “Threshold:NRC” performed at PACT. An example of Dean Walsh’s performance making. (Track: “Song in the Blood” by Joan Baez)

FLŒK - Video

Excerpts from the initial outing of “Proxima” in May 2018. It was this initial development footage that has brought a lot of excitement to the project, coupled with the direction we’re taking it in development.

Andrew Batt-Rawden - Video

“A Repeated Text” performed in May 2019 at PACT as part of Georgia Cranko' and Steve Wison-Alexander’s “Dark and Lite” Salon. Note Andrew has sampled another artist (Moby) in this track, after this segment the full Moby track (Mere Anarchy (Atlaxsys Remix, 2018)) is heard whilst Andrew performs movement.