Collaboration with Christopher Bennett

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Chris Bennett and I are working on a new 8 minute solo cello work for performance in September 2018 at the Mosman Art Gallery. In this piece, I’m integrating the creative methodologies I’ve picked up from various workshops in performance art making over the past 3 years and our sessions have lead us to look at the theme of “survival”.

The composition is shaping up to include Chris’s voice as well as his cello, and I’ve taken a “facilitation” approach though discussion, exploration and improvisation (rather than just providing a score as a starting point). It’s a work that has a base in the extensive classical training Chris and I have in our disciplines but extends to include self-referential textual material that grounds the work in our reality and therefore vulnerability.

I’m seeking $2,000 to enable my time in creating this piece. We’re meeting on a weekly basis whilst we formalise, through scoring, the content.

Exile Nothing

Discussions after presenting our first stage development at Critical Path in 2017

Discussions after presenting our first stage development at Critical Path in 2017

Dean Walsh and I had an initial development of a collaboration called “Exile Nothing” in early 2017, culminating in a showing at Critical Path and a performance at the Sydney Really Good Sex festival. In 2018, we’ve been approached by the Creative Masculinities Festival for further development and performance on 13-14 October 2018. The work’s title is derived from a quote from Bessel Van der Kolk’s “The Body Keeps the Score” which looks at the effects of complex trauma on the body.

Image by Guy James Whitworth for the Creative Masculinities Festival

Image by Guy James Whitworth for the Creative Masculinities Festival

In our first stage development in 2017, we landed on looking at the effects of childhood trauma (psychological and physical transgressions, including sexual) on our adult lives. Dean’s facilitating the creative development for us to both have input into the sound, movement and staging components of the work.

The festival is providing a performance fee, but this won’t be enough to cover development costs (studio, time, materials etc). With a development budget of $10,000, we’d be able to create original sound and refine the ideas we had in the first stage development. This budget would be spent on studio, materials and time.

Remote Control

Dean has been engaged by James Winter from Brand X to create and perform a new full length work at East Sydney Community Arts Centre, and I’ll be composing sound for it. This work will have two performances; 23rd and 24th of November.

In this new work, Dean will choreographically investigate and showcase a series of realigned and reimagined ‘selves’ as a mature queer artist who was diagnosed as living with autism spectrum condition (ASC – Asperger’s Syndrome) and ADHD. Dean has been an artist of national prominence for over two decades and many of his past works, solo and group, have unapologetically wrestled subject matter close to home and close-to-the-bone and always with humour, irony, wit and emotionally confronting components in equal measure.

As this is a new work we’re currently in the early stages of development. I’ll join Dean in the studio as he develops the ideas for the piece so I can ensure the sound/music is authentically integrated into the work. Typically we’d want to have plenty of consistent studio time (some of which will be provided by Brand X in support of the project), and I’ll be working on an electronic score (perhaps with some interactive elements, depending on how the work develops).

A modest development budget of $20,000 in addition to the in-kind space, will cover sound design / music development costs as well as providing Dean and I with the time to collaborate. A budget breakdown can be made available on request.

Providing Support

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