b.1984. formally trained as a composer, Andrew is a Sydney (Australia) based performance and sound/music artist with an interest in human nature, natural environment and technology.

Since graduating from the Sydney Conservatorium in 2006, his works had been entirely score-based music composition, acoustic or fixed-media electroacoustic, mostly for chamber music settings, until 2015. It was then that he was commissioned by double bassist Elsen Price to write a major mandolin/double bass duo for a Vivid Sydney performance, during the development of which Andrew connected with his ex-student, Ben Hinchley, to create a work involving remote-controlled responsive DSP (digital signal processing) and acoustic amplified instruments. The following year in 2016, he was offered a significant residency at Gallop House in Perth, which afforded him the opportunity to follow long-held creative interests in dance, performance and physical theatre. Since those events in 2015 and 2016, much of Andrew’s work has been for responsive DSP, electronic media, movement and theatrical contexts with himself performing or as part of the performing ensemble. He continues to write for acoustic instruments, including for himself to perform and for others to perform, and his broad skill set is reflected in his creative process and the works he makes.

He's also held artistic directorships with new music festival Aurora Festival (2011-2012) and new music collective Chronology Arts (2006-2014), as well as curated new music events for the Vivid @ Seymour program (2012-2014) and artistically directed the Bellingen Music Festival (2012-2014). In addition to his music training, he's attended various workshops in performance art including with Andrew Morrish (2017), Sarah Dowling (2017), Dean Walsh (2018), and Rosalind Crisp (2018), as well as open classes at Strut and Sydney Dance Company, independent dance classes in Sydney and Legs On the Wall. Highlights of his composition career include commissions by The Song Company (2013, 2015, 2017) for a number of tours, a collaboration with Sarah-Vyne Vassallo and DirtyFeet for "Morphic" (2013), a collaboration with visual artist Wendy Sharpe and the Sydney Art Quartet (2017) that saw him posing as a life model whilst the quartet premiered his work "27", the USA tour of his work "Love Spiral" (2017) for Jocelyn Ho and the release of his first album "Seven Stations" which was a collaboration with poet Chris Mansell and the singers of Halcyon Ensemble (2014). He also recently (in 2019) released his second album “Adventurous Bodies” which is a collection of tracks he has written for physical theatre and dance.

He is now concentrating on building his performance capacity and has performed short and full-length duos recently with Dean Walsh (Exile Nothing 2017, Death and Dying Festival 2018, Vivid Festival 2018), a full length duo as Flœk with Benjamin Hinchley (Proxima 2018) as well as 5min-20min solos (Arts Initiative Australia Launch 2017, Sarah Dowling Workshop Showing 2017, PACT Dark and Lite Salon 2019).