A video I put together with a few scores, work excerpts and words to introduce my music and teaching methods.

Teaching and MEntoring

St Leonards Music Academy

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Established by cellist Christopher Bennett and pianist Rachel Carter, the St Leonards Music Academy in Sydney is a few minutes walk from St Leonards train station. I'm their composer in residence which means writing music for them as well being available to give lessons; including  a 2-hour per week practical creativity and composition skills workshop, and also one on one composition lessons.  See their website and drop them a line if you're interested in being a student at the academy.


I'm a co-founder of tech startup Vordenker with Benjamin Hinchley which is a company that focuses on algorithmic composition creation and enabling. Through Vordenker, Ben and I conceptualise and realise works that integrate live heart rate, weather, location, time, proximity and other data sources. We're always delighted to share all aspects of this creative project, from conceptualisation (composition) through to realisation (software/hardware).

Mentoring and Coaching

I help artists with strategies for sustainable careers and healthy living. Every artist is different. Beyond finding an approach to their art-form that resonates with them (finding your own voice), everyone has different professional aptitudes including building communities around their practice, interests in (and ways of) communicating, financial planning and capacity, different degrees of commercialisation interests, grant writing experience and the like. More importantly, people may have neuro-diversities, complex traumas, a feeling of "otherness", unique behavioural patterns etc and these psychological components must be acknowledged and engaged with in order to have authentic action. These sessions are different for everyone.

Arts Business Consulting

Having worked in the performing arts in various capacities over the last 15 years, particularly in the small to medium not for profit area, I've developed a strong skill set in change leadership (planning and implementation) and development. Any action for significant business development or change will be felt by the entire organisation and the stakeholders of it, and so strategies must have a full-company and stakeholder view.   

Feel free to have a look at my teaching CV here