Casting off into the abyss

Casting off into the abyss

complete uncertain

acerbic reality sometimes 

amid honeyed eyes and embodied learning

the stymied hurtling galaxies (Thanks Chris Mansell for this line) 

will they collide? will they align?

or will it all fall apart.

So many gargantuans at once,

perhaps a bad idea...

though potential inherent in their DNA

is phosphorescent with futures

Both known and unknown

all delightful - in their own way.


Perhaps we're not casting off into a complete abyss... 

parts of the way ahead are certainties

probabilities possibilities

and of course, fun episodes of streamed video to watch

and of course, progress

and of course, regret

at least these are pillars to

pivot around

push from

cling to

or simply be with for a while.


Casting off into certainty is rather boring though

I much prefer an abyss

Perhaps it's more fun to be blindfolded in this dance

so that it's not the future that's so in focus

but the sensation of movement of air and the touch of dance partners

the sounds of our feet on the studio floor...

Though, for OH&S reasons, I'll take a peek at where we're going every now and again.


Well that escalated quickly...

Well that escalated quickly...

You wouldn't believe what the Australian Art Quartet did today. It is amazing working with really accomplished musicians and relating their music techniques to movement techniques, their understanding of music composition to movement composition... I'm making an integrated sound/movement work... we don't know what about yet, but we've got an 8 day residency at Bundanon to figure it out!

Strut + Maxine Doyle Workshop + Ocker translation of a Lutheran text

Strut + Maxine Doyle Workshop + Ocker translation of a Lutheran text

I'm in a workshop with Maxine Doyle from Punchdrunk Theatre organised by Strut Dance! There's a showing in a couple of weeks time. I'm also starting this new work for the Song Company and I've started deconstructing the meaning behind the text I'll be setting... maybe you can help me with that, as I don't know if I've got it right....