Scores listed here I'm willing to send you a copy of, simply get in touch - Not everything is listed here (I'm the most terrible updater ever), but it gives you an idea of what I've written for, and what I can write for. 

String Quartet or quintet

Enfer en Paradis – String Quartet – 2007 – 8'40 

Premiered by scratch ensemble in L'Espace Mimont, Cannes, subsequent performance by Chronology Arts at Australia Hall, NSW in 2008

Melody for String Quartet – vln, vla, vla, vc – 2006 – 5 min

Commissioned by Christian Bonnelykke and premiered by scratch ensemble at Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Quintessence – Vln, Vla, Vla, Vc, Db – 2008 – 20'50 

Premiered by Chronology Arts and recorded by ABC Classic FM at Eugene Goossens Hall, ABC Studios Ultimo, NSW. Subsequent broadcast by ABC Classic FM and Eastside Radio

“29” – String Quartet – 2014 – 7 min 

Composed for and performed/recorded by the Acacia quartet
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“27” – String Quartet – 2012 – 12 min 

Workshopped and recorded by the Goldner Quartet in student/workshop context. Premiered 2016 by the Australian Art Quartet

Works for Solo Instrument

Conduit (2016)

Solo Piano // 3'30, commissioned by Roger Woodward.

Large Ensemble and Orchestral

Give me the Night – vocal quintet and large ensemble 2014 – 4’

Written for and performed by the Orkest de Ereprijs

Inevitable – orchestra – 2014 – 9’

Commissioned by the Bellingen Youth Orchestra, workshopped by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra.

Small Ensemble (2 to 5)

Prosumer Content Junkee (2014)

2 instruments and operator // 8'00. Unperformed, for 2 instruments and a tech operator


Inspirational Gift – Fl, Cl, Sax, Vla, Vc – 2009 – 17'30 

Commissioned by Greg Dickson, premiered by Chronology Arts at Sydney Conservatoirum of Music with broadcast on Eastside Radio and subsequent performance in 2011 in Musica Viva's Rising Stars series at Opera House.