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I'm available to give lectures/presentations and workshops connected to my arts practice. Some examples of the sort of ways I've shared my knowledge and experience in the past include;

- Writing/delivering content for courses and individual presentations/lectures for universities

- 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching in arts business for practicing artists

- 1-on-1 lessons in composition for high school students

- workshops for choirs in improv and form (with with view of making composition)

- workshops integrating extra-musical ideas as triggers for sound (movement, poetry, environment) for ensembles as well as class-room settings (junior school)

- workshops in algorithmic composition ideas (direct, mathematically definable relationships, between elements of the same or different media).

The topics I've covered include composition (western classical tradition), algorithmic composition, improvisation (including incorporating extra-musical elements), arts business, grant writing, for profit and not for profit structures (and governance), media (journalism) business. 

Mentoring and Coaching

I'm particularly interested in helping artists with their strategies for sustainable careers. Every artist is different. Beyond art-form technique, everyone has different networks, interests in (and ways of) communicating, financial situations, unique aspects to their work, different degrees of commercialisation interests, grant writing experience etc. Delighted to consult for 1 discussion (with the right artist), or over a longer program.


I'm a co-founder of tech startup Vordenker with Benjamin Hinchley which is a company that focuses on algorithmic composition creation and enabling. Through Vordenker, Ben and I conceptualise and realise works that integrate live heart rate, weather, location, time, proximity and other data sources. We're always delighted to share all aspects of this creative project, from conceptualisation (composition) through to realisation (software/hardware).


Feel free to get in touch!