Through his work, Andrew revisits layers of self, drawing you in and allowing you to reflect. His expressions connect to audience by showing vulnerabilities and contradictions, whilst eliciting a sense of freedom. He is expressive and full of emotion, and creates the space for others to express themselves.


Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex 2017

Dates: 25-29 Jan 2017 | Tix:

An Australia day long weekend festival where Dean Walsh and I will be presenting a workshop about being survivors of child sex abuse, having neurodiversity and how we've used our creative practices in a sexual context to incorporate our idiosyncrasies.

Guy James Whitworth Exhibition Performance - Mardi Gras

Date: 2 March 2017 | Tix: TBA | Info:

Guy's given me the floor on the 2nd March to present some work that I've been developing. In response to some of his artwork (in which I also appear...), movement, words and sound will give audience insight into some of the expressions behind the works on the walls.

Australian Art Quartet perform 30/31

Dates: 17-19 May 2017 | Location: Australia, Sydney, Potts Point, Yellow House | Tix/Info:

I'll be working with the AAQ in a residency at Bundanon to create a work that incorporates dance and music. 30/31 is about those years in my life (that have just passed!) and they saw me forming a new sense of artsitic self, particularly with a residency at Gallop House, Perth, WA.

The Song Company perform "Out of the Deep"

Dates: 10-23 June 2017 | Locations in NSW, VIC, ACT | Details/Tix:

The Song Company have given me a Lutherian text to work out "Out of the Deep". It is a beautiful set of words depicting a cry to God for help, and has a gorgeous Phrygian melody. This work appears in the Song Company's program "Forward & Bach".